Meet the Staff at Blossoms

Marlene Blossom

I graduated with my degree in hair in San Francisco. I have been in this
business for 26 years and in that time I have owned 2 businesses, one in
Bainbridge Island called Salon Madison. I've been doing advanced skin care
treatment for 7 years. I earned my advanced skin care degree through the
Physicians Choice Alliance (PCA Skin) a solution oriented skin care line.
I also took classes through USPA Body and Skin Care and I got my advanced hair with Matrix where I worked backstage for hair shows. I love making a difference for people by cutting, shaping, coloring, and firming their hair as well as nourishing their skin. I love this business because of what it does for people and for their lives- they feel different, they feel nourished, and they feel admired and beautiful.






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